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This is an entirely personal site with reviews of the pubs in South Wales that I have visited, many of you will undoubtably disagree with my reviews, criticisms, comments and compliments because we will all of had different experiences, different meals, staff, drinks, company and been at different times and because I have far better taste and standards than you, unless you agree with me, then you are insightful person with excellent style.

If you feel strongly enough to be bothered to get in contact with me please feel free, there is a link on every page at the top of the menu on the right hand side, I do like constructive criticism but prefer the ranting of idiots as that is far more amusing.

If you think I have reviewed a pub entirely unfairly and really should change my opinon tell me that as well and I will revisit it for another try.

Also corrections to the site, any new information, recommendations, bribes or free beer would be appreciated.

I am a miserable sod who likes good ale, pleasant company and conversation preferably with an open fire and a good meal all for a reasonable price, is that too much to ask for?

By the way all the information on this site is mine and mine alone, but how can i stop you stealing it if you want to? Why you would want to I have no idea but if you did a link would be nice.

You may find the site bland as there are no flashing gifs, flash animations, pop up windows, huge jpegs or gifs, sound or bloody dancing badgers, if so I really think you should go somewhere else because you are either to young to go to pubs or an imbecile.

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