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The Ancient Briton

The Ancient Briton is in the village of Newton which has been around since the twelfth century and overlooks the village green and a 800 year old church. There is a large car park to the rear and a small enclosed children's area and beer garden to walk through to enter from the back. There are more tables out the front in the shade of a large sycamore but space for hundreds across the road on the green. Inside is a separate bar where any sports are shown on a pull down screen, and a connected pool room. There is also a lounge where most of the food is served.

The pub can get busy during the summer period and also on weekends, even weeknights are quite busy there. The day time can be far more subdued with the locals being quite friendly and willing to chat. The lounge has enough room for about 40 to 50 people seated and is pleasantly arranged with five or six good sized tables and a small connected room with a single table for those who are feeling antisocial. The meals are reasonably priced and good pub fare. Some of the dishes are genuinely home cooked and the Sunday carvery can get very busy as it has a good reputation in the area.

Because of the nearness of Newton beach and the caravan park it can get very busy and attract unusual characters in the peak summer months at other times through the year it is a friendly and quite busy local pub with a really good atmosphere in the evenings and enough space and quiet for a conversation in the days.

There is a variety of entertainment varying on the time of year, barbecues in the summer, Christmas carol sing along, karaoke, live music, regular quizzes, etc.

My Opinion

Although I did like the atmosphere of the Ancient Briton, it does tend to get quite hectic at times and although that may suit some people I dislike waiting too long for my pint, something which is not the fault of the staff most of whom are very good. Because I am a grumpy old man I also like to be able to sit down if i want to. Although the bar has a good atmosphere the seating doesn't seem to encourage it and a lot of the locals congregate around the bar itself, which makes it difficult to get served.

The food is good but you don't get any local or pub specialities and the menu is no more than your usual selection of foods, which admittedly they seem to do well.

Being a Brains pub they do a couple of nice ales, Brains Bitter, Brains Dark and Brains SA, some of the locals recommend a pint of flat SA which
comes about as flat as I have seen, there are guest beers however. The wines are from a standard box on the wall and they seem to have a good selection
of bottles of alcocrap in the fridges. The usual standard tap lagers, cider and stout is available.

I previously said there were no cask ales, what I meant was no ales straight from the barrel, apologies both the SA and Brains Bitter are cask. Thanks for the correction.

written : 03/03/2005

Ratings: 33 out of 50

Beer : 7

Food : 5

Atmosphere : 7

Service : 7

Facilities/Entertaiment : 7


1 Clevis Hill, Newton



CF36 5NT

01656 782069



On 17th Feb 2011 the Ancient Britton thankfully changed hands, it has been taken over by a local couple who I am sure will bring the pub back to what it once was. They put on a very impressive buffet for everyone last night which was first cl[swearing], not that surprising as they had previously been running Porthcawl RFC bar and hospitality. I have used this pub on and off for over 25 years and cannot remember a better night than last night. The pub was packed with a great atmosphere so many thanks to the new tennants and the hardworking bar staff who made my night so enjoyable.

by : Chris Needs : 20/02/2011 14:36:06

Alastair - do you live on this planet...!!! The jolly is awful - no atmosphere and very expensive beer!! The pool table has always been in the brit - never not had 1!! The Ancient Briton has an awesome land lady great bar staff good food great regulars and i always have a great night there!!!

by : Nathan : 14/03/2008 15:06:05

the ancient briton is a better pub!!! it's always had a pool table. a friendly land lady and the beer is cheaper and better than the jolly. thats if the jolly is open!!!

by : yanto : 02/02/2008 21:44:39

Alastair - When was the pool table removed? I think you might be mistaken!

by : Mike : 14/04/2007 07:35:00

This is an awful pub!!! the Jolly is so much better!! can't belive you would even recomend this place!! the only good thing about this bar was the fact that it had a pool table. It no longer does, so there is no reason to go there

by : Alastair

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