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The Globe Inn

The globe is on the corner of one of the main roads into Porthcawl and the road into Newton village, it has steadily extended over the years into a large and well furnished pub. You can enter from the large car-park at the back, past the enclosed children's area and beer garden and into the lounge, which is large and comfortable near the bar and then catering towards people eating meals towards the rear, there is also an exit which takes you out directly opposite the garage which carries the same name.

The bar has a pool table and darts board at the bottom end nearest the toilets, and then up a step to the bar proper which is furnished in a traditional pub style. The Globe has a fair few regulars who will drink in the bar, less regular customers usually come and go for meals in the lounge.

My Opinion

The Globe is a pleasant enough place to go for a drink but it does seem to have that chain feel to it, the comfortable chairs and old style seems forced and not genuine, the beer is OK but nothing special and the food follows suit.

The reputation of the Globe for large and well priced meals was built up for years, unfortunately after a change of landlord they changed to sizzler meals and although the food is not bad, it is of the same ilk as Wetherspoons and similar chains. Nothing special but if you need some food why not?

The beer there is also unimpressive shall we say, Bass on tap, but I could not possibly recommend it.

Before the change in menu I had a cod so large that the had to cut it to put it on my large plate, it was more of a whale than a cod. All in all a bit bland for me now, pity.

written : 11/03/2005

Ratings: 24 out of 50

Beer : 4

Food : 4

Atmosphere : 4

Service : 5

Facilities/Entertaiment : 7


Bridgend Road, Newton



CF36 5RN

01656 774000



Could you tell me if you will be serving meals on New Years Day? If so could you e-mail a menu and times of service. Many Thanks.

by : Philip Hodges : 23/12/2010 08:30:15

Iam saddend to hear that people are giveing the place a hard time.Yes it is a cain but you sould know that before you walk through the door. The staff are always helpful and make you as welcome as they can.(Give them a break they are under staffed and under paid)

by : penny smith : 17/08/2007 17:39:17

This pub has gone down and down in our opinion, penny pinching means there are only two bar staff on a busy Friday evening, covering two bars and food. Our order was wrong and there was around a thirty to forty minute wait. On our last evening we were told that the food was off due to the fact they ran out. We have used this Pub for around 13 years on and off, Sadly there is going to be more OFF.

by : Chris Holcombe : 02/04/2007 20:14:15

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