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The Jolly Sailor

Just down the road from The Globe and hundred yards from the Ancient Briton a lot of the same applies, the Jolly Sailor is a small pub with plenty of history. Foreign speaking ghosts and a smuggling tunnel to the beach are two of its best stories. As you enter there is the lounge to your right and bar to your left, both are nice and cosy, homely even.

The beer garden at the side is small but very pleasant, enclosed and private.

The bar is full of nautical paraphernalia some of which can cause much discussion as to what the hell they are.
They serve snacks more than meals.
They will usually have a few ales available as it is a Brains pub, SA and Dark are standard.

My Opinion

This pub has all the necessaries to make it great, from my point of view, unfortunately it has lost much of it's character and characters over recent years and now is a shadow of how it was.
The landlord may work hard at making it a good pub but unfortunately he hasn't the knack for it. The Jolly Sailor is biased towards certain types of people and if you do not fit in you are not welcome.
An example would be the beer festival put on by the Jolly Sailor, excellent idea, plenty of good ales and some live music on the green, the landlord has an almighty tantrum because not everyone was buying their drinks from his pub, hmm.

Most of the original locals from the Jolly Sailor do not drink there any more, that says something.

written : 11/03/2005

Ratings: 16 out of 50

Beer : 5

Food : 3

Atmosphere : 3

Service : 3

Facilities/Entertaiment : 3


Church Street, Newton



CF36 5NT

01656 782069



New landlord and landlady have transformed the place. Great atmosphere and good food!

by : Marija Lewis : 28/04/2009 11:22:40

New landlord and landlady as of late 2008

by : Deborah Hadley : 02/01/2009 20:03:15

Lovely pub, great beers and a beautiful location, right next door to an ancient churchyard. Shame about the locals, all washed up fishermen, and the grinning menacing landlord though.

by : John : 04/05/2007 15:25:02

Correction !!! Old man Lewis was running the place.

by : Peter Saunders

I got thrown out of there back in the 70's just because I had long hair.Old man Jenkins was running it then ( I knew his son Martin ) at least he kept a tidy pint then and all the locals were very loyal to the place.I have popped back in the place on my visits back to the UK and tend to agree with your comments.

by : Peter Saunders

think the above comment is about right,and DEAD right about the beer fest' and bring your own,,,,not his green me thinks !!!!!!

by : billy

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