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The Fairways Hotel

The Fairways has been refurbished in the last few years and has a nice front garden which is great in the summer. You walk into the hotel through the main entrance and turn left into the bar and right into the restaurant, in the summer months the patio doors are open to the bar.

The main bar is quite small but has some nooks and pillars that give you a sense of intimacy if you get the right places, there is a large bar and they use a screen for the sport. There is only seating for about 50 or so people.

They do food from a specials board and the standard menu which is quite extensive and can be varied.
They do standard beers, lagers, etc.

My Opinion

I have to drink Newcastle Brown when i go here because they sell nothing else worth me drinking, I also find it expensive for what it actually is. This often attracts people who like to pretend they have real money rather than being the middle class muppets they actually are.

The food itself is very nice, usually. I had excellent rabbit there which I find is a rarity on the menu. It is well overpriced however and they seem to hold back on things like vegetables and other sundries which is something I find intolerable when you are paying over the odds for a meal.

The staff are quite good though and when we have asked for extra chips, salad or veg they have happily complied.

All in all it is OK for a good but rather expensive meal and then move on to somewhere with real beer and character.

written : 30/03/2005

Ratings: 21 out of 50

Beer : 2

Food : 6

Atmosphere : 3

Service : 6

Facilities/Entertaiment : 4


West Drive



CF36 3LS

01656 782085


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