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The Angel Inn

The Angel Inn is a lovely old building in the shadow of the church, it has a large car-park with a children's play area, there are several seats outside with a stunning view over Kenfig dunes and the bay over to Swansea and across to Margam mountains. Admittedly Port Talbot Steelworks is also in the picture but for me it adds to the spectacular view especially in the evenings.

There are two entrances, the first, next to the three rooms for rent which are sweetly named, goes through into a small bar area with the toilets, this is where you will find the locals and the sport on.
You can turn right and walk through to the lounge or go straight in through the second entrance.

The Lounge is fairly small giving most of the space up to the restaurant area which is a good size across to the right.

The pub is well established and has plenty of custom even out in the sticks as it is, it gets busy over the weekend and there is usually a good few people there.

It has a reasonable reputation for food and for it's beer and the karaoke gets lively.

My Opinion

I have to say I like the Angel, it is a lovely place to sit outside in the summer as well as a nice atmosphere to sit inside at any time. There are plenty of local characters and you will usually find yourself having a conversation with someone you haven't met before.

The beer to drink is the Bass but make sure they pull it off the barrel out the back rather than on tap, goes without saying really.

The menu is reasonable with a couple of different dishes thrown in for good measure, I have only eaten there once myself but the cod is gigantic and I can recommend it, the rest of the meal, my companions meal and the starters were not impressive however.

The place has been drastically renovated in the last few years and I prefer the new layout, pity the fire isn't real though.

written : 18/05/2005

Ratings: 32 out of 50

Beer : 7

Food : 6

Atmosphere : 6

Service : 6

Facilities/Entertaiment : 7


Marlas Road



CF33 4PG

01656 740456



Have eaten there twice ,SUnday lunch. the veg is great but both times we all failed to eat the beef. So tough!! We asked for steak knives and still failed. There was only beef or Gannon and parsley, which we don't like! Very disappointing

by : diane williams : 07/10/2013 16:09:32

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