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Prince of Wales

The Prince of Wales is at the top of Station Hill in Porthcawl and is a short walk through the subway to town. It has had a recent refurbishment and it's reputation has improved dramatically. Although the landlord has changed since it has been turned around.

There is a small bar on the left as you duck under the door frame, I do anyway, which has a pool table and darts as well as the obligatory TV for the horses in the day and any other sport on.
The lounge is to the right and also has a TV regularly tuned in to whatever is on.

The back of the pub is on a lower level and is used as the restaurant, there are seats for forty or so diners.

Out the back of the pub has been decked out and is a nice enclosed beer garden which is comfortable and private.

They usually have a guest ale on and a standard ale, they sell all the usual and a reasonable bottle of wine for a very good price.

The food is very good, usually and the staff make an effort to help.

My Opinion

I quite like the Prince and have enjoyed some afternoons in the garden. I have eaten there several times and have only been disappointed once and since I am relatively difficult to please that isn't a bad recommendation.

I don't enjoy the atmosphere as much as I might because in the day the pub seems dedicated to the horses and I really don't like the decor.

It also can get a bit rough in the nights but that is a throwback to it's early days.

The beer is tidy enough and the occasional guest ale can be very good, or not and as I mention above it is great for a cheap bottle of wine.

I would happily tell anyone to stop there on a sunny afternoon and sit out the back or to go for a meal in the evening but anything beyond that is up to you.

written : 06/06/2005

Ratings: 27 out of 50

Beer : 5

Food : 7

Atmosphere : 5

Service : 5

Facilities/Entertaiment : 5


10 New Road



CF36 5DN

01656 783410


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