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The Blue Anchor Inn

The Blue Anchor is a beautiful building, all stone and thatch. When you enter, the interior doesn't let it down at all, with nooks and crannies, alcoves and hidden corners. There are several open fires and and a selection of different tables and seats spread throughout the circular pub, explaining the layout is beyond me here but there is a complete circuit with twists and turns.

They have a well known and respected restaurant which I have not visited so cannot comment on and serve food in the bar areas at certain times.

The beer is good and they have a couple of ales along with the usual selection. The atmosphere seems friendly and there is a good feeling about the pub.

My Opinion

I have only been here 3 times since it reopened, first time it was freezing cold and we stayed only for a single drink, there were no seats anywhere near the fires left.

The second we came to find out the serving times and enjoyed a pleasant drink in a cubby hole whose doorways come up to my navel. Beautiful.

The third we arrived a whole 5 minutes too late to order food and the service was arrogant and dismissive. The food delivered to the table next to us 10 minutes later looked less than impressive however, so we were not to disappointed and went to the Swan instead.

I will be trying again because I would like to think I have been unlucky as the reputation and stunning looks of the pub make me WANT to like it.

written : 29/06/2005

Ratings: 23 out of 50

Beer : 6

Food : 3

Atmosphere : 7

Service : 4

Facilities/Entertaiment : 3


Port Road

East Aberthaw

Vale of Glamorgan

CF62 3DD

01446 750329


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