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The Green Man/Pier Hotel

The Pier Hotel/The Green Man

On the corner of Porthcawl closest to the actual Pier overlooking the sea. It is a several storey building (with a slightly tatty look these days)  that has a large bar area, then a step up to seated area and a back room for pool, through the next door is another, longer, narrower bar.

The decoration is dated and worn, with no character or feeling, the beer is unavailable or undrinkable, stick to bottles or....bottles.

No food served, probably for the best and the only pub that stays open til the early morning in the  area.

My Opinion

Once the pub that was worth traveling to in Porthcawl to visit, now it is far more run down and generally worth avoiding. Last time I went there for a late drink there was water cascading down one of the inner walls because of the rain coming in from the upstairs, the owner knew but didn't seem to mind.

Basically a dive.

written : 08/07/2005

Ratings: 10 out of 50

Beer : 2

Food : 1

Atmosphere : 2

Service : 3

Facilities/Entertaiment : 2


Sea Front Esplanade



CF36 3YR

01656 782028



You Troggs expect too much. Most customers here couldn’t care less/recognise the surroundings, service, beer etc. Good place to get loaded afore you take off next door in the Apollo.

by : Chiang Mai Chris : 20/02/2011 18:25:09

I had a lovely stay in the relaxed friendly atmosphere of this large, unique hotel. The prices were cheaper than I have paid to stay in a hotel for many years. Well Done to the Team!

by : Steph : 07/10/2008 21:29:35

Scruffy dirty place, selling undrinkable beer and warm lager. When I visited over Easter 07, the bar was full of Irish tinkers, who were staying in a field nearby. They seemed very much at home there. It's only function appears to be to serve those unwanted elsewhere and its proximity to the town's only nightclub guarantees youngsters jamming as much as possible down their necks before a night out.

by : Clive Marshall : 04/05/2007 14:58:37

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