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The City Arms

The City Arms is right in the city, nice and convenient.

It is quiet (mostly) in the days and only livens up in the evenings.

It stands on the corner and has two entrances into it's two bars. The left hand bar tends to have live or at least loud music and there a plenty of people standing up, dancing and falling over. The chairs are usually full.

The right hand bar is quieter but still gets packed on a good night, the Arms doesn't shut til 2 am.

No food as it isn't that sort of pub.

Good Brains and a lovely pint of flat S.A as well as all the usual.

My Opinion

I like the City Arms if I have a good drink and then don't want to go home yet, there is no way I will choose a nightclub. There is a good mix of all sorts of people, the bar staff are efficient, the beer good and even the door staff are reasonable.

As long as know what to expect you will have a good night.

written : 08/07/2005

Ratings: 23 out of 50

Beer : 6

Food : 1

Atmosphere : 7

Service : 7

Facilities/Entertaiment : 2


10 Quay Street

Cardiff City


CF10 1EA

029 2022 5258


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