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The Star Inn

The Star is in a little town near Bridgend called Treoes which is down the lanes from the A48 or through an industrial estate into the lanes.

Beautiful pub in a beautiful setting, car park and outside seating out the back, small lounge, a medium sized bar and a small restaurant. The furnishings are tasteful and it is very homely with a nice feel, the pub is well known for it's food and booking in advance is recommended.

They usually have a guest ale on and the beer is reasonably good, as are the rest of the drinks.

My Opinion

The Star is a lovely place to go, I do find that as they are so food oriented the tables are difficult to get as they are even reserved in the lounge at certain times during the day.

I don't much like the bar area with the TV and some of the locals spend more time looking down their noses than at each other. Other than that it is a pub you should certainly visit because the staff are very nice, the food superb if quite expensive, and the beer worth it.

Once I turned up here after an early morning shift with two colleagues before it was open, as soon as they opened we asked about food (after a pint of whoosh) and the chef at the time very kindlyácooked us food even though they weren't due to start serving for an hour, he was also very excited at the fact our ham and eggs (delicious) all came withádouble yolk eggs.

Another time when myself and my partner stopped for a drink in the late afternoon the landlord offered us different foods to try, not buy,ájust because we asked about some of the delicious looking food being served, again out of hours.

written : 08/07/2005

Ratings: 35 out of 50

Beer : 7

Food : 8

Atmosphere : 6

Service : 8

Facilities/Entertaiment : 6


Parc Newydd



CF35 5DL

01656 658458



I agree with the previous comments that the pub can be a little stuffy sometimes - and that includes the at[swearing]udes of the regulars. But the food is usually delicous and theres plenty of it - even if the service is a little slow when it is busy. Theres an excellent selection of wines for a relaxed evening or if you want to impress some of your business partners! The proprieters - an unusual mother and son team are quite friendly, although the son is more knowledgable and appeals to the younger and buiness crowd, whilst the mother welcomes all the older folk and makes them feel welcome. I would recommend a visit - as it is suitable if you want a business meal or if you want to take your grandparents

by : jayne cahill : 14/11/2008 23:22:09

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