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The Merrie Harrier

The Merry Harrier is a large pub on the corner of two main roads, there is a fair sized car-park behind it and a couple of benches to catch the sun, not a lovely garden by any means.

There are two entrances, one from the road and the other from the far end of the car-park. Entering from the road you have the toilets immediately on your left before the bar, on your right the first section of the pub which is more of an old locals area with smoking and a different table arrangement.

The next section is the smoking and eating area, which is comfortable and nicely laid out.

After that is the no smoking where there are some linear tables and chairs which remind me of a canteen and up the steps a log fire with settees.

Brains pub so good SA, Dark, etc. Plenty of other drinks to cater for anyone.

Good menu, very reasonably priced with specials on the board.

My Opinion

Another food oriented pub, but I like it all the same. If you are out for a spot of food and conversation with your friends, this place is great.

The food is great, standard pub menu but the portions are excellent and you can tell some pride and effort has been put into making them. The service is also excellent and the food is served so quickly I was amazed. I haven't had abad meal there and the starters are enough if you are just peckish.

Brains beers, all well kept.

Worth a stop if you are passing for sure.

As you walk in there is a coat rack, it is usually full of walking sticks. Take that as you will.

written : 08/07/2005

Ratings: 32 out of 50

Beer : 7

Food : 7

Atmosphere : 5

Service : 7

Facilities/Entertaiment : 6


117 Penlan Road



CF64 2NY

029 2030 3994


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