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Oneils is a pub that is one of many in a successful chain, so you know what you are getting.

Two entrances from a busy road just off the center of town, one on the right goes into a small bar area and the other goes straight into the lounge. The bar is directly on your right as you walk in and most of the seating to your left, the toilets are directly ahead and there is a pool table set at the back.

The decor is the same as the rest of the Oneils, seen one seen 'em all. Which is usually quite comfortable to be honest, with the occasional sofa to sprawl in if you are lucky enough to get a seat. Otherwise fake Irish homeliness without anyone Irish (with the possibility of one or two of the staff).

No decent beers at all just pretty good Guinness, for Wales at any rate. Decent wines and other drinks all slightly overpriced.

Standard chain menu with decent enough meals and prices.

My Opinion

I have had a few meals here because you know what you are getting and that is pretty decent for food for a tidy price. Something that you don't get in Bridgend town, most of the pubs are genuinely awful.

The Guinness is pretty good but as I have mentioned it is city prices rather than the prices that should be charged in a run down dump like Bridgend.

The staff are usually very good though and the atmosphere is pleasant if not overly friendly (from the other customers, not the staff)

written : 08/10/2005

Ratings: 26 out of 50

Beer : 5

Food : 6

Atmosphere : 4

Service : 6

Facilities/Entertaiment : 4


Nolton St

Bridgend Town


CF31 3BN

01656 643911


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