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The Star

Nice looking pub tucked into Dinas Powys with two other pubs within spitting distance.

There is a fair sized car-park out the back with a nice little garden to sit in the summer. When you walk in through the front entrance there is the bar in front of you, a bar area to the right and the rest is the lounge. The pub is geared towards food and the menu's on the wall are served all day.

Nice enough furnishings if a bit lacking in character, they have gone for a country pub feel by buying all the new pub gear that is supposed to look like a country pub.

Brains pub so the beer SHOULD be good and the usual SA, Dark, wines et al are available.

My Opinion

Stopped once for a pint in the evening and the pub was obviously not geared towards sociable drinking, the set up and attitude is completely oriented towards meals. So I thought I would give it a try.

First time we had foodáit was fine with an adequate meal outside with my partner, a good conversation with the barman and a genuinely pleasant afternoon was had over my pint of flat SA.

The following time was on a lunch with a colleague on my recommendation, the land lord was serving and had already pulled a pint for my colleague while I was using their facilities (in the bog). When I asked for a pint of flat SA the landlord refused me because he only pulled it the way it was supposed to be pulled, with a plastic sparkler on. I asked if he could remove it and he said no.

We argued because he was an absolute arsehole. No one has ever been so obstructive in me having a pint in my entire life, and I have had a few. If it wasn't for the fact we already had a pint pulled and needed food I would have told him to shove it. He said he would pull it flat through the sparkler, 10 minutes later he presents me with a pint and smugly tells me it can't get any flatter, I told him it was like f****** champagne.

Our meals were delivered with no real hold up, they were the same order as when I was previously there (except reversed, I had eaten faggots previously and now had a BLT ) and the portions were half the size and just thrown together.

Don't go here. The landlord is crap.

written : 08/10/2005

Ratings: 15 out of 50

Beer : 3

Food : 5

Atmosphere : 1

Service : 1

Facilities/Entertaiment : 5


Station Road

Dinas Powys


CF64 4DE

029 2051 4245


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