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Barons Court

The Barons Court is a bigápub off the main roundabout coming from Cardiff to Penarth. Plenty of parking space and a couple of tables where you can see the traffic go by.

It is a big, impressive looking building with a restaurant area on the left when you walk in and plenty of seating on the right past a nice open fire. Sofa's and tables are available and there are plenty of secluded places to sit, an upstairs, window nook, etc.

It has disabled access.

It is a Beefeater, so the menu and beers are standard beefeater, have a look at their site for their menu's.

My Opinion

I stopped here recently for a quick pint and a some food and was pleasantly surprised at how comfoprtable it was inside, I was too late to grab a sofa by the open fire but found my way upstairs where I had a great view over the pub and fire and was left on my own to enjoy my book, apart from the waiter delivering food.

The SA was nice although they couldn't get it flat for me. The first two choices of food weren't available, not good early on a Friday evening. So a Aberdeen angus burger was the quickest and easiest for me to get, although I am not a big fan of burgers.

The staff were very good and the food was fine, not great for the price, but ok.

Might go there again for a bit of lunch and a couple of drinks by the fire but I wouldn't go out of my way to visit it again.

written : 14/11/2005

Ratings: 22 out of 50

Beer : 5

Food : 4

Atmosphere : 4

Service : 5

Facilities/Entertaiment : 4


Cogan Roundabout, Penarth Road



CF64 1ND

029 20708635


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