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The Atlantic Hotel

The Atlantic is up on the seafront next door to the Fairways, and just up the road from the Seabank. All these hotels cater for similar sort of custom, with the Seabank being the biggest.
They like golfing guests.

It is a curiously painted pink building that has seats outside and a tiny conservatory, inside there are two rooms as soon as you enter, the bar and a basic restaurant on the left.
Further in on the right is the entrance to the restaurant proper and function room.

Some of the tables in the bar are very large with plenty of seats and there are a few smaller ones scattered around.

They sell reasonably priced (for a seaside hotel) drinks, with all the usuals and usually at least one proper ale.

My Opinion

I have been there several times for food, the curry half and half has been recommended in the past and it is good. The staff try very hard and seem very professional without losing a their sense of humour.

The last meal I had was grilled cod and my companion had a gammon, very good, very fast and well priced. Previously however the food has been less than average and taken a long time, I have complained on one occasion because of the length of time and I was mmediately given a refund on the delayed food, fair enough.

The place is a bit, well, kitch. The decoration is a bit fawlty towers if you know what I mean but some people seem to like it there and it may be worth a visit if you are passing and can't bear the drinks and awful foodáin the Seabank and refuse to pay the higher prices of the Fairways.

written : 23/11/2005

Ratings: 25 out of 50

Beer : 6

Food : 6

Atmosphere : 2

Service : 7

Facilities/Entertaiment : 4


Sea Front



CF36 3LT

01656 785011



The Atlantic Hotel is an awfull establishment. The quality of the staff is second to none however it is let down by the owners who are not worthy of giving money to. One of the owners verbally [swearing]ualted a man who had been waiting for food for two hours. The main manager Mr Booth has a serious at[swearing]ude problem, and much like his parents limited manners. The food was ok but we had to wait hours.

by : Mr Monroe : 19/12/2008 14:01:24

Opinions are always going to be personal and true for the moment, given the staff employed on the day, but our experience during this weekend (April 2007) has been one of clean, well provisioned rooms, excellent food at breakfast and evening meal, unobtrusive staff and a real pleasure for our stay. The TV has 3 sports channels and one in Welsh, which leave it a bit restrictive if you're not into these, but with our view over the sea, we would highly recommend The Atlantic.

by : Steve and Jan Marsh : 01/04/2007 17:38:33

I was dissapointed with the review of the Atlantic. My wife and I are regulars and we like the ambience and relaxed atmosphere, the hotel is always very clean and they serve the best coffee in Porthcawl

by : Derek Stackhouse

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