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Rock and Fountain Inn

The rock and fountain is set on Chepstow road, an old pub with plenty of character.

You walk in through the back from the carpark, turn left into the pub itself and you are faced with two room, a comfortable and nicely set out non-smoking room to your left, the bar and bar section to your right, then a railing and a a few steps down to a pair of large bench tables right in front of the big open fire, the pool room entrance is to the side of the fireplace.

They sell a good pint of Brains and also a guest ale that changes weekly, Tomos Watkins' Cwrw Haf when I was last there. All the usual other drinks. They also do take-outs for the ales.

The menu's are pretty standard and seem reasonably priced, there also seems to be a specials menu which seems to be pretty good and changes regularly offering some unusual meals, Barramundi being on the list recently (depending on when you are reading this).

My Opinion

I haven't eaten at the Rock and Fountain yet so can't comment on the food, I have given it a 5 so it doesn't seem to have an awful score because I do like the place and expect the food to be reasonable at worst.

I love the open fire and the fact there are usually a few dogs wandering around the place, one being more of a bear than dog.

The beer is good but they seem to have difficulty grasping the idea of flat beer, the sparkler comes off but they still can't seem to get it right. Saying that, all the staff are very friendly and try their best.

There is a good atmosphere, it isn't overly cliquey but being set in such an out of the way place with only a couple of villages around there is a certain 'local' feeling to the place sometimes.

On the whole I like the place, open fire, dogs, good ale, I just hope I am not let down by the food.

written : 19/05/2006

Ratings: 30 out of 50

Beer : 6

Food : 5

Atmosphere : 5

Service : 7

Facilities/Entertaiment : 7


The Old Quarry



NP26 3YA

01633 400477


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