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Buccaneer Bar

The Buccanneer is a small pub very close to the fairground of Porthcawl, it is more or less opposite the burger place at the only road entrance to coney beach. They have recently walled off a section for seating outside.

The entrance at the bottom of the small hill leads you into a quite narow darkish room with the Ladies on the right, bar on the left at the end followed by the gents, there is an entrance to another room before the bar. This room is full of arcade machine and you have to walk through here to get to the outside area.

My Opinion

I recently went hereáat Easteráto remind myself of everything I hate about Porthcawl. The staff were slightly apologetic that they had nothing to drink apart from god awful lager. I asked for a tomato juice for a bloody mary and the barmaid joked that they had run out that morning. Then again maybe it wasn't a joke as some of the customers may have woken up there and needed breakfast. One of my companions informed me of the christmas tree in the ladies, in April? The visit to the gents was an adventure packed with peril and derring-do.

I won't even start on the bloody games room.

In short, unless you are a steroid using brain damaged alcoholic, a desperate drug addled old slapper, banned from everywhere else on the planet or an anthropologist looking for new subjects, then be afraid of the Buccanneer, be very afraid.

written : 14/04/2007

Ratings: 8 out of 50

Beer : 1

Food : 1

Atmosphere : 1

Service : 3

Facilities/Entertaiment : 2


Mackworth Road



CF36 5BT

01656 785569



The Buck was the 70's fair boys pub. Godd enough for the Troggs sez I. For the picky [swearing]s out there who like good beer, service etc - [swearing] off else where.

by : Chiang Mai Chris : 20/02/2011 18:21:00

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