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The Red Lion

A traditional pub with a large car park, the Red Lion sits on the main road running between Cardiff and Bridgend, before the M4 was built.

An attractive pub with a beer garden out the back, there is a lounge, where most of the food is served, a smallish bar which has a very homely and local feel to it and a small room out the back.

They sell good ales and the menu is reasonable both in what they offer and in price.

My Opinion

I have only been here a handful of times but have eaten here twice, the first time we were in the rather cold back room with a pair of inbred simpletons drooling over each other.

The Landlord however was attentive and very nice, the meal was good enough, nothing spectacular but very nice for the price. My partner ordered some whitebait for the starter, now i am not sure whether it was then end of a bag or their use by date was coming up but the portion she was presented with was mountainous, 4 or 5 times the normal portion.
Being a bit tight and loving whitebait we took the majority back home with us.

The second time was fast, efficient, friendly and very tasty. They also do a very good pint and regualry seem to get different guest ales in.

The locals weren't friendly towards us in any way shape or form, maybe my face doesn't fit but other reviews on sites say how nice they are. Looked like the bunch from the Slaughtered Lamb to me.

written : 03/05/2007

Ratings: 27 out of 50

Beer : 6

Food : 6

Atmosphere : 3

Service : 6

Facilities/Entertaiment : 6


The A48


Vale of Glamorgan


01446 781208


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