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The Black Cock Inn

Half way up Caerphilly mountain surrounded by trees The Black Cock is a beautiful place.

The majority of the pub was dedicated to a restaurant area and a smaller part the bar, there is plenty of seating outside. They do some excellent drinks there and the menu seems pretty extensive.

I will have to visit again and give it a good checking out.

My Opinion

I didn't have food here and was so drunk by the time i left there isn't a huge amount of detail in this review, the barmaid/landlady was excellent and friendly, the beer was Old Peculiar on tap which went down far too well.

I did enjoy the feel of the pub and it would be a great place to spend a few hours in the sun.

Pity about the name.

written : 03/05/2007

Ratings: 29 out of 50

Beer : 8

Food : 5

Atmosphere : 5

Service : 6

Facilities/Entertaiment : 5


Caerphilly Mountain



CF83 1NF

029 2088 0534



Went here with my husband and was quite impressed (with the food at least) and so booked for a special occasion with family. I wish I had let the misgivings about the place (harried waitress, dusty and grubby tables and walls) stop me going back. We were allowed to book a table with no clue that there was a set menu (the many posters didn't display this nor did the person who took the booking). We arrived to find the normal menu off, a set menu with a jacked-up price and considerable rudeness when concessions were asked to be made for a disabled member of the party. So rude that we left and went elsewhere where we had infinitely better service. Disgusting at[swearing]ude, service and cleanliness!

by : ALF : 28/05/2011 13:33:59

Me and the girlfriend ate here probably a year ago lovely food and service as a treat we went back roughly 2-3 weeks ago what a change... the food took over a hour and when it finally did arrive my mixed grill meat was stone cold I seen at least 3 other meals returned from other tables.

by : Gareth : 07/05/2008 01:12:41

This was once one of my regulars but has recently been taken over by Kim, a Cardiff wide boy. He and his cronies were enjoying themselves when we visited, to the detriment of everyone else.

by : Ken White : 04/05/2007 15:16:06

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