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The old Lifeboat renamed and refurnished.

Walking in, the bar is directly opposite you with some high tables and window seats to your left.

To the right is a seating/eating area with nice views over the harbour and the sea, very airy and light feel to it. past the bar on the right is a restaurant area, again very nice and open feel to it.

There is also a small sheltered balcony area out the back which is great if you are a smoker.

They sell the usual drinks and only one or two ales.

My Opinion


I have been here a couple of times since and it seems my initial impressions were just teething problems. It is a nice enough wine bar/restaurant.

I have had a BLT and a cheese sandwich which were overpriced but delicious and the prices seemed to have dropped again which is good news.
The staff have been really friendly and I have enjoyed my visits. But only visits they have been.
I have left my previous review up but hope it is taken as an early impression.


[previous review]

I haven't eaten here yet but the menu looks standard enough, slightly overpriced but i will give a real opinion when i have had a few meals.

The pub is pleasant if a bit too wine bar for me, the balcony is nice enough but doesn't seem to been cleaned regularly by the staff.

The beers are average and don't taste that great, although i am not sure why.

My companion informed me that the Ladies toilets were in a disgusting state and that she would hesitate in ever going back there, this is strange as the staff were by no means rushed off their feet with three of them chatting behind the bar and no one being served.

I think that the staff were undertrained and lazy,†also there seemed to be no management on any of the times I have been there, although this has been in the afternoons and not at peak times.

written : 13/07/2007

Ratings: 25 out of 50

Beer : 5

Food : 5

Atmosphere : 3

Service : 5

Facilities/Entertaiment : 7


The Square



CF36 3BW

01656 783380



Just had the misfortune of choosing this pub for Sunday lunch. Poor service bland tepid food laden with salt. Dreary furnishing and the atmosphere of a doctor's waiting room.

by : M.Lewis : 08/08/2010 14:52:15

My Family and I have visited the SALTHOUSE on several occ[swearing]ions and find the majority of staff very helpful. The homemade soups are excellent but the food is overpriced ~ this week we had a chicken curry (GBP8.95) which was pretty poor value for the money.

by : GARY THOMAS : 11/03/2010 10:29:52

My colleague and I dined there today in the Sodium restaurant, fine dining. We started with the creamy delicious Chicken Liver Parfait served with a relish and croutes. I then opted for the "Special", Fillets of Sea B[swearing], crispy skin and a moist succulent flesh, served with a medley of Mediterranean vegitables and chunky home made chips. My colleague had the Slow cooked Duck leg with creamy cabbage and bacon with a fondant potato. It was tender and fell off the bone. We had a bottle of Sendas Del Rey Rose, which complemented our meal perfectly. Desert was in the shape of a delicious Cointreau Creme Brulee accompanied with a bottle of Late harvest Sauvignon Concha Y Tora dessert wine. Some coffees and a Port and some Armagnac rounded off an excellent meal. I look forward to my next visit to this excellent establishment.

by : Tudor Davies : 01/08/2009 00:50:22

The Salthouse is lovely!!, everyone is really friendly and helpful, the food is the best in porthcawl, and their offers of free wine and 2 course deals are great. lush coffee and desserts too.

by : diane : 11/02/2009 21:34:01

I have been into the Salt house 6/7 times since the re-furb and found it to be delightful. the Owners/Management are very friendly and have helped me and my guests through the menu , and have been most helpful when requesting specific things that are not on the menu. The service in the restaurant the time I ate in the back room was second to none. Very relaxed and friendly, with the waiter not hovering about your table all night which is a pet hate of mine. The wine list offers a great selection and the new balcony area is a fantastic bonus to the great evenings I have spent here over the last 2 months. Well done. porthcawl needed something like this to come along and I will be visiting again shortly.

by : Matthew Roberts : 31/07/2007 16:35:21

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